Towards the Sun

by Zalys

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"Towards the Sun" is the third part of a concept that first began with "Wandering Through Space". The traveler is torn between the need of discovering the beauty of the universe and the will to die. Optimism and pessimism are both present in this record, representing the disturbed mind of the wanderer.

This record deals with his trip towards the Sun, from the sweet caress of the Solar Wind to the violent and blazing flares. The last track makes us imagine the futur of the traveler.

4 pages HD booklet. Headphones highly recommanded !

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The track "Towards the Sun" is on the March volume of the Ambient Music FB compilation:

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"Towards the Sun" is for Free Download on Cyanur Productions:

"Avec ce EP, Zalys passe à la vitesse supérieure" - Spirit Of Metal, 17/20

"Quatre morceaux pour un "trip" de 27 minutes riche en promesses quant aux possibilités créatrices d'une entité qui saura, j'en suis certain, s'arracher à la masse écrasante de notre étoile pour défier les limites de l'espace et du temps !" - Et l'Hiver Dansait Autour d'Un Feu


released January 1, 2014

Composed by M.
Artwork and logo by M.
Mixed and Mastered by Déhà Amsg (Aurora Borealis, Yhdarl, Maladie, Deviant Messiah...) at HH Studios



all rights reserved


Zalys France

Zalys is a french one-woman project mixing dark ambient, space soundscapes, symphonic touches and futuristic elements for a dark journey in space.


- Wandering Through Space
- Sagittarius B2
- Summoning the Phoenix
- Towards the Sun
- Infinity
- The Icarus System
- Reminiscences
- Lux in Tenebris
- The Celestial Abyss
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